Soooo... OnLive.

I'm not the best at spotting trends, and no one in their right mind would place business or social analysis in my hands, but I have a feeling that this is what you might call "a big deal." (video here.. it's long, but worth it to get an in-depth explanation.)

I don't even know where to begin. I don't exactly know that this is a console killer - in its usage so far, it appears to be mostly good at letting you play PC games on an HDTV - but the features are intriguing, to say the least. Spectating someone in Resident Evil or Gears who's on top of the leaderboards in an entire country, in real time? Hot. Especially enticing is the "brag clips" mechanism, which allows you to retroactively save the last 10-15 seconds of your gameplay. Reminds me of recording live TV, but in the past. Somehow. Anyone who's ever missed taking a screenshot of an awesome gaming moment or forgotten to start a demo (ahem*me*coff) will love this feature.

Spectating, I think, could open up more avenues for people who are on the fence about buying (there appears to be just a "rental" option, as well as downloading for purchase). For me, I could see myself checking out other people's methods of play as well. One thing that's missing from my FPS gaming is having someone else around to bounce ideas off of, and to see the techniques that they use. Sure, you can spec teammates while you're dead, but 20 seconds worth of playing - if they even survive that long - isn't enough to learn anything of value. This could lead to big improvements...and accusations of cheating. Hrm.

Of course, there's the obvious question of whether or not this whole thing will even work. It's not due to roll out until next year, which I can dig. The fact that the studio behind it kept it under wraps for seven years is pretty hardcore in itself. I suppose my biggest problem, besides my piteous bandwidth, is the fact that unless they introduce a keyboard/mouse peripheral, I probably won't be able to use it for my favorite games. I've played TF2 on my 32" LCD before. It was nice. A pain to be sure, but nice. But as I've stated, I'm complete ass when it comes to console FPSes. To think, in a future so beautiful to other gamers, I will still be the outcast.. *tear*


You know you're a geek when...

...you're playing Etrian Odyssey and you can't wait to get past all those pesky monster encounters so you can draw more of your map.


Be It Further Resolved

Consider this blog post an unheard ripple in the tide of congratulations for Penny Arcade, who were honored yesterday by the state of Washington for their contribution to society in the form of Fruit Fuckers and Deep Crows PAX and Child's Play.

Seriously, thank you so much for your work, guys. You inspire thousands of gamers every year to think of the less fortunate. You are right in believing Child's Play and possibly PAX will outlive PA (as much as that hurts to write), but hopefully people will still remember the source and give due honor.

Also? Based on how proud Washington's Congress seems to be about their state's gaming culture, I'm moving west tout fucking suite.


My apologies for lack of updates. In addition to being sick as a dog, my job has been working me like a dog, leading to a double-dog situation of unprecedented proportions. And I'm a cat person. :(

No matter! What matters right now is this:

The return of one of my "memes" from childhood, A Boy and His Blob. I say "meme" instead of merely "game" because due to the goofiness of the title and the game itself, it took on a life of its own within my family. Even my mom was on board with the boy and his eponymous blob. Ultimately the NES offering drove me nuts due to poor mechanics, tied to a loathing of jellybean waste. God, I hated making that poor blob frown.

Now, come this fall, I will have a brand new blob to disappoint! Developer Wayforward is remaking ABAHB for the Wii. And thank goodness, too, for 1. it looks gorgeous, 2. continues the Nintendo tradition, and 3. could lend some serious artistic and gaming cred to the much-maligned machine. I know I've been asking for another jellybean-tossing adventure, or at least the original game on VC. Oh, and did I mention the blob is fucking adorable?

The new blob makes me squeal like the girliest girl that ever squealed. Which is funny, since he basically looks like a little gelatinous Halloween ghost. It's the little things, it truly is. Early video shows promise, though so far there aren't any sound effects (I can't wait to hear a "scarfing" sound for when he eats the beans), and the "hole" animation needs work. However, the thing's not due out 'till later this year. I might even get to see it at PAX. How sweet would that be?

(Hint: pretty friggin' sweet.)
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