Planning ahead

It's been five months since PAX, otherwise known as the Penny Arcade Expo. Seems like a lot, but in many ways I feel like it happened yesterday. Since my math is incorruptible, on the Georgian calendar, that means it's seven months until PAX 09, or as I like to call it, the Christmas in September (I think this is the first year it will take place entirely in September). Again, that might seem a long ways off. But you know what? It's not. It sneaks you, hardcore. And brother, I'm getting excited all over again.

I debated whether or not to go at all, since there will be a PAX in Boston in March of 2010. I presume that one will be closer and cheaper; Seattle's a fuckin' haul. But there are two things changing my mind. One is the Cross-Country Super Trip, a meetup of gamer geeks and PA forum readers coming from points east. I pondered doing it last year, but it required too much time off from work. This year I'm saying to hell with it, which ties directly into reason two...

It's my 30th birthday this year, right around the time of PAX. If I'm gonna celebrate, as a geek, I may as well do it up in the right fashion. That means a pre-PAX dinner, possible hotel room parties, very possible drunkenness but not a requirement (the only drink I had last year was one martini, after the whole thing was over)...and if I practice every single day, maybe even a Rush song on Rock Band 2. On Expert.

Yeah, I'm not buying that one either.

But I do have another plan. I've been toying with the idea of trying for Omeganautical status. I don't play a large variety of games, but damn if I got in, my credit card would start screaming for all the games I'd rent/buy/whatever. My worst fear is that you have to include some huge game achievement from your past, like getting all the way through Super Metroid without stopping or someshit. That's when I go for the laugh, I guess. And to play in front of all those people, 60,000 strong at this point... dear God, would it be something.

Dammit, now I'm all hyped up.

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